We are the country’s most experienced business documentation company, specializing in the areas of franchise management systems and policy and procedure guides. From Franchise Disclosure Documents to country-specific crisis manuals, we’re far more than simply scribes. We’re investigators, consultants, synthesizers, and planners. We create flexible systems that change with your growing business, with scalable structure that allows you to grow and add new items. And we do this using tools that let you produce the materials in the way that speaks best to your audiences: printed manuals, pocket reference guides, SharePoint distribution, online wiki, or iPad / tablet app.



We combine best practices, learned across clients and industries, with the right delivery solution to bring you custom products that work for your audience. We are constantly testing and strategizing to match new technology opportunities with existing content and process. It’s not about throwing out everything that came before, it’s about maximizing the user experience. We can develop your project in any format from a three-ring binder to an iBook.


You could simply write down everything you do in a document, adding / changing / deleting as your company and processes change, but there is a price to that. Inconsistencies, duplicate content, and gaps create challenges in version 2.0 (and for fast-paced companies, version 2.0 begins the day after version 1.0 is completed). How your content is structured is as important as what you say, and what you don’t say. Our expertise includes hands-on teaching and curricula development, so we produce in the manner in which people learn.


The core team at The Manual Makers (TMM) has consulted with franchise companies to bring their concepts to market since 2001, giving structure and guidance to both the franchise community and to corporate support consultants. We help companies provide a framework for success and compliance, creating a foundation for training and operational excellence for distributed management.

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