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Our client list is as long and varied as are their unique processes and challenges. While we would never say that each client is the same — because not every company needs ‘Volcano Evacuation Planning’ — there are definitely similarities that give us the opportunity to bring perspective and innovation to each situation. Whether they are local, national, or multi-national, each client has a unique need, as well as a universal sameness. Distilling, synthesizing, and organizing their content to be concise and effective is what we do.

From the mundane but necessary

POS system management
HR manuals
Equipment care and maintenance
Par levels and food safety issues
Workplace violence

To the customized

Region-specific emergency response and evacuation plans
Personally Identifying Information procedures
Corporate and local marketing best practices
Social media guidelines and policies

And the very specific

Civil unrest extraction procedures
Chemical / biological attack response
VIP / celebrity check-in and privacy policies

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