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The Manual Makers (TMM) provides a range of solutions to address current and future documentation challenges, including content creation, consolidation, and transformation of existing materials into new mediums. Our solutions offer a range of options from the highly customized to semi-custom.

Our team works with your organization to define the business problems you want to solve. We then customize, design, and present solution options.

Whether you’re using 3-ring binders or making materials available online, if you need business documentation we can help.


Operations Manuals

Operations manuals are our first love, and we have them down to a science (proving the two can indeed mix). We’ve created them for restaurants, retail shops, and schools, among other industries.

Policy and Procedure Manuals

Go ahead, name a policy. We’ve written it, from how to handle a flash mob to the best way to rub a pork butt. We’ve developed employee policies, operations procedures, and recipe guides.

Emergency Response Guides

The ability to respond quickly in an emergency is of great importance to any successful business. We’ve created custom Emergency Response Guides for large retail and hotel systems and small businesses alike.

Training Materials

Your employees represent your brand, so it’s important that they are properly trained. We can assist with a basic training manual, add on some lessons and exercises, or even create a presentation on the most efficient way to evacuate your building.

Franchises need replicable procedures that reinforce the strength of their brand and protect the franchisor/franchisee relationship. We provide new franchises with a library of materials that help them get up and running quickly. For existing franchises, we analyze their current assets, fill in the gaps, and create an organized structure that benefits their entire franchise system. Franchise libraries typically include:

Operations Manual

We believe that well-documented operational procedures are vital to the success of any business. This is even more true for franchisees, who have the additional responsibility of adhering to their franchisor’s operational requirements.

Marketing Manual

How to sell themselves can be a real challenge for new franchisees. Our marketing manuals are full of bright ideas, easy-to-implement tips, steps for design and approval, and tried-and-true advice.

New Store Development Manual

Once the ink dries on the FDD, franchisees have the daunting task of physically creating their new business. Step-by-step instructions that include who to call and what to order guide them through the process.

Employee Training Manual

New businesses start out with the goal of hiring the best people they can find. And the best people want to be well trained so they can do a good job. We develop training curriculums that cover everything they need to know so we can help them help you!

We partner with Strategic Crisis Advisors to create world-class plans, documents, training programs, and case files to support loss prevention, risk management, and business continuity departments in global corporations. These plans are customized to your particular strategic objectives using best-in-class content and design. And our training coordinators provide a variety of training options from full-blown crisis re-enactments to tabletop exercises.


If you have the documents but just need some help with cleaning them up, we offer professional editing and proofreading services. We assist marketing agencies all around Atlanta and up and down the east coast (we’d love to spread out to other regions – if you’re located in Hawaii, call us!). If you’re in Atlanta, we’re available to work onsite and if you’re not, feel free to email your project to us. We are perfectly comfortable working remotely – in fact, we have wonderful long-term clients that we’ve never even met! We’re experienced with manuals, catalogs, marketing materials, websites, and just about anything else that involves the written word. But we’re not just copyeditors and proofreaders. We understand things like brand standards, production schedules, and deadlines and work with you as a valued part of your team. Visit for more information.

Ready to ditch the three ring binder? The Manual Makers is ready to help. We support clients on a wide variety of intranet and cloud-based platforms. We’ll manage your library, create a topic-authoring system, archive your unused/outdated materials, and keep your content all tidy and organized. We can even build a custom wiki to ensure your knowledge management system remains flexible, interesting, and accessible across your entire organization.

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