Production Coordinator

Role Summary/Purpose:

We are a small, woman-owned business that specializes in documentation. We create materials from operations to employee training to crisis management. We work with a wide variety of industries, so we are never bored. We promise you won’t be either. We stay very busy – the amount of work that flows through our small office is nothing short of stunning. If your response to that is “Bring it!” we’d like to meet you. We spend a lot of time with our co-workers, so you have to be able to hang out with a bunch of outspoken people who like to work hard and find joy in what they do.

About the job:

“Production” at other companies sometimes implies “junior” or “less than” or “seeing to the tedious tasks.” Not here. Production is a valued and necessary part of our job flow. Good production is vital to what we do. We use MadCap Flare, a single-source content authoring program that outputs to several different formats. MadCap Flare uses HTML and CSS. We do not expect you to know MadCap Flare, and we are willing to train you. However, we would like to see some proficiency/aptitude in other software programs/content management systems. It is also helpful to us if you can find your way around Photoshop/Illustrator to make simple edits to existing graphics if the Graphic Designer is not available.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Working in MadCap Flare to create customized documents and manuals
  • Knowing (or learning) HTML and CSS
  • Preparing layouts for generating as PDF or HTML
  • Working with Graphic Designer to ensure that necessary graphics are created and imported into MadCap Flare
  • Communicating with Account Manager to ensure all edits have been made and all parameters adhered to
  • Communicating with MadCap Flare technical support to troubleshoot issues
  • Participating in scheduling the department’s workflow

Our expectations of you at your one-year anniversary:

  • That you have become proficient in MadCap Flare, HTML, and CSS
  • That you have gained certification in MadCap Flare
  • That you have learned to design a Flare project from the ground up
  • That you can manage a project with little input/interference from senior management


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent job experience
  • Strong command of written language
  • A background in security, the military, or emergency response a plus


Please send résumé and references for immediate consideration.

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