People tell me they like my writing because I’m funny, or because I have a light touch. But I’m finding it difficult to be funny or light today, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Discussing the current events with an acquaintance, she made the comment that “it must feel good to know that you save lives.”

Let me be very clear. We don’t save lives. We are not police officers, or firefighters, or soldiers. We are not paramedics or doctors or nurses. We document process and procedure. Sometimes our process and procedure is for restaurant operations. Sometimes it’s for the grand opening of a waxing salon. And sometimes it’s for emergency response. We firmly believe that knowledge is power, so any information that we can give our clients in how to avoid or respond to an emergency is certainly a help. But it is the people on the ground that have to implement that knowledge, that have to stay calm in the face of crisis. Those are the people that save lives. Not us, typing away from the safety of our office.

Does it feel good to think we help? In a small way. But mostly we fervently wish that no one ever has to use the information we give them. And now I’m going to cut this short, so I can take a moment to silently send thoughts of love, healing and peace to our brothers and sisters in France.